NSK-222 Plastic Upper and Shoelace Injection Molding Machine
Product Description
  1. This model adopts high-efficiency hydraulic system and direct-pressure mold clamping. The product with large clamping force has no burrs, which improves product quality and reduces manufacturing costs. It can be used in the production of various footwear materials, such as soccer shoe soles. , Golf shoes and all kinds of plastic uppers.
  2. Hydraulic mold clamping system by direct pressure, mold replacement and adjustment are simple and quick.
  3. Unique spiral design, high torque transmission components, suitable for PVC and TPR foaming and non-foaming materials, and suitable for high-grade shoe materials such as TPU, NYLON and resin (Formaldehyde) injection.
  4. Mold separation system. It is easy and fast to take out the product and clean the mold. It reduces pause time and improving efficiency.
  5. High-efficiency cooling system ensures stable mold temperature, shortens product cooling and setting time, and improves product quality and productivity.
  6. This machine adopts digital PC and PLC control system, which has precise action, smooth process and low failure rate. It is equipped with proportional hydraulic control components, and can be used with various plastics and molds to accurately adjust and set different production conditions to flexibly produce various products.
  7. The fully automatic detection system and fault display system quickly and clearly indicate the maintenance before starting the machine, shortening the maintenance time, ensuring the normal operation of the machine, and easy maintenance without professional technicians.
Product Specification
Item Specification Unit
Number of stations 2 station
Clamping mould force 37.5 Tons
Size of mould available L480×W450×H215~300 mm
Number of injection base 2  
Screw diameter Ψ40 mm
Max.injection volume 207 cm3/shot
Thermal zone of barrel 3  
Motor 15HP×2 HP
Electric heating capacity 3.75×2 Kw
Power consumption (full load) for wiring 30 Kw
Volume of oil tank 780 Liters
Machine cubic content L2335×W2060×H2955 mm
Machine weight 6.63 Tons