Rotary Type Automatic PU Single Density Injection Moulding Machine NSK-717

  • LCD touchable setting with a display on the computer screen make it easy to operate and monitor the state of machine.
  • High effective electronic controlling. We can adjust and set different PU injection volume for each station to meet different requests of mold.
  • Special design for mixing head, grinding-proof, precise mixing materials. After injecting can clear residue automatically without any solvent.
  • PU material tank with stable thermos and stirring, also with double-layer thermos-cycle barrel to ensure the normal property of material.

Item Specification Units
No. of station 20 Station
Size of mold available L:380 × W:180 mm
Height of last 383 mm
Electric motor 7.5HP × 1(Disc Pump)6HP × 1(Shaft) HP
Electric heating capacity 21 kw
Total electric consumption 35 kw
Oil Tank Volume 390 L
Machine Size L:8100 × W:4280 × H:2360 mm
Machine Weight 17 tons