Rotary Type Plastic Sole Automatic Injection Moulding Machine NSK-285

Item Specification Unit
Screw rod diameter Ø70 mm
Ejective capacity 600 cm³/shot
Screw revolution 0-100 r.p.m.
Motor of spiral oil pressure 275 kg-m
Motor of oil-pressure pump 6P x25HP kw/pole
Mould clamping force 50 ton
Mould clamping space(max.) 185 mm
Size of mould available (max.) 180 x 400 mm
Mould clamping frame 20 STATION
Electric heating capacity(glue) 8 kw
Acting oil capacity 550 L
Machine size 3700 x 2500 x 1750 mm
Machine weight 5.9 ton
Gross weight 6.4 ton
Packing dimension 4000 x 2040 2150 mm