Rotary Type Plastic Sole Automatic Injection Moulding Machine NSK-285-12

  • This machine is suitable for P.V.C., T.P.R. foaming & unfoaming material, T.P.U. & T.P.E. to produce high-level shoe soles. 
  • Feeding screw special design with high efficient hydraulic Motor can feed material smoothly and quickly.
  • Full computer P.L.C. control system can set the different injection capacity base on the products' styles & sizes. Also with the logical hydraulic system, it can set the injection pressure & injection speed in the different station. 
  • Cylinder with strong mold clamping design has high mold clamping force and can produce one piece or two pieces soles at the same time .This increases the production & decreases the cost.
  • Mold cooling uses water cooling type to make better pattern results and steady quality in products. 
  • Special injection device can be suitable for mold top injection and mold side injection. Its range is unlimited to increase the machine functions. 
  • Automatic monitoring system and broken-down display system, the need maintenance point can be indicated clearly and quickly. Even an unskilled worker can operate and maintain the machine easily.
  • Disc control by hydraulic transition system and monitor with computer automatically. It makes the disc turn fast and set accurately. 
  • In the automatic open mold system & vacuum autoloader system, only need one person to operate it. This can decrease the production cost.

Item UNIT Specification
Screw rod diameter mm Ø70
Ejective capacity cm³/shot 880
Screw revolution r.p.m. 20-120
Motor of spiral oil pressure kg-m 275
Motor of oil-pressure pump kw/pole 25HPx1+5HPx1
Mould clamping force ton 81
Mould clamping space(max.) mm 150
Size of mould available (max.) mm 410 x 340
Mould cooling type   water cooling
Mould clamping frame STATION 12
Electric heating capacity(glue) kw 8
Acting oil capacity L 600
Machine size mm 5600 x 2500 x 1900
Machine weight ton 6.6
Gross weight ton 6.8
Packing dimension mm 6400 x 1700 x 2150