• NSK-727
  • NSK-727
  • NSK-727
  • NSK-727
Product Feature
  1. LCD touchable setting, easy to operate. Display on computer screen, easy to monitor the state of machine.
  2. High effective electronic controlling, can adjust and set different PU/TPU injection volume for each station to meet different requests of mold.
  3. Special design for mixing head, grinding-proof, precise mixing materials. After injecting can clear residue automatically without any solvent.
  4. PU material tank with stable thermos and stirring, also with double-layer thermos-cycle barrel to ensure the normal property of material.
Product Specification
Item Specification Unit
No. of station 24 station
Size of mold available L380×W180 mm
Height of last 383 mm
Screw diameter 55 mm
Injection volume 427 cm³/shot
A, B tank 140, 140 L
Electric motor 30HP*1, 7.5HP×1(Disc Pump), 5HP(Shaft) HP
Electric heating consumption 26.6 Kw
Power consumption (full load) for wiring 80 Kw
Oil Tank Volume 764 L
Machine dimension L12535×W6433×H2200 mm
Machine weight 28 tons