Curved Automatic EVA Foaming Injection Moulding Machine NSK-638S

  • Curved ranged, use smallest space. Easy to maintain and operate. The shortest moving distance of injection system, machine parts rare scuffed to extend machine's life and reduce the cost of repair and maintain.
  • Curved mold station range, turntable type injection base moving device, moving quickly, location precisely to increase producing effect.
  • Digital volume, ratio valve to increase the effects of hydraulic system and to reduce motor electricity waste and production cost.
  • High accuracy hydraulic injection control system can depend on the features of products and material to set up 5 kinds different injection pressure and injection speed to raise product quality and reduce NG products.
  • Mold station close system adopts unique crank and piston complex construction, it features the speed of opening mold, the strong close mold power. When open mold and close mold will not cause the crank point of crank system damaged. It will increase machine use life and reduce the cost of maintain and repair.
  • Accuracy temperature control system and high effective mold heated system, they both waste very low, and it’s more 30% electricity saved than other general machine.
  • Injection control system adopts quantify and pressure control system, control accuracy, high stability and it’s easy to operate. The same mold hole the accuracy is ± 0.1 gm. to raise products quality and reduce NG products.
  • Jumbo injection volume injection system, single mold can produce 3~4 paors products, raise produce capacity and products competition.
  • All computerize control system, every machine operating terms clear and easy to learn and to operate, solve the training problems.
  • Capacious memory unit can save 299 unit mold product terms information, change mold, easy and quick to set up.

Item Specification NSK-638S
Mould-clamping frame 6 stations 8 stations 10 stations
Size of mould available 600*330*(140~200)/mm
Stroke of mould clamping 380mm 380mm 380mm
Mould heating stytle Heating Heating Heating
Screw rod diameter


Ø65mm Ø65mm
Injection capacity(Max.) 1326 cm³/shot 1326 cm³/shot 1326 cm³/shot
Injection pressure 180kg/cm² 180kg/cm² 180kg/cm²
Material injection controlling Fixed volume / Pressure
Electric motor

40HPx1、10HPx1、 5HPx1

Electric heating capacity 33kw 42kw 51kw
Total electric consumption 75kw 84kw 93kw
Hydraulic oil volume 1415 liter 1495 liter 1575 liter
Machine size 5550 x 4300 x 2550 / mm 6650 x 4300 x 2550 / mm 7200 x 4300 x 2550 / mm
Machine weight 15 Tons 18.5 Tons 22.5 Tons